GFS Chemicals Terms of Service

Prices and Terms

All prices listed in this catalog are net consumer prices effective January 2, 2007. Terms of sale are net 30 days with established credit, FOB our plant in Columbus, Ohio. Unless otherwise instructed, freight charges will be either prepaid and invoiced to the customer or COD at the discretion of the Company. We reserve the right to make price changes without formal notice. GFS is proud to offer the following credit card options for your convenience: Visa, Mastercard, American Express.


GFS products are sold for manufacturing or laboratory use only and are not intended for nor certified for direct use in food, drug or cosmetic purposes. The Company assumes no responsibility connected with the use of our products or the information printed in our publications. In no case is the purchase of our products to be taken as a license to violate or infringe upon any patent.


GFS products are guaranteed as to identity and purity as specified. If any material is found not to conform to our specifications or fails to perform as claimed in our literature, write or call for technical service. This warranty is exclusive, and seller makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or of fitness for any particular purpose.

TSCA Compliance

GFS makes a concerted effort to foster customer awareness of the limitations placed, by regulation, on the use of research chemicals. GFS products that are not listed on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) are to be used only for R&D purposes, by qualified technicians capable of understanding and communicating their respective hazards.

International Orders

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by GFS, all international orders are shipped FOB Columbus, Ohio USA - GFS plant base. Payment terms set upon acceptance of order. Letter of Credit method is acceptable for orders in the amount of $5,000 and above with GFS instructions. The freight forwarder and bank utilized for LC shipments will be that of GFS Chemicals. All prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Payment in U.S. funds, by wire transfer or check drawn on a U.S. bank.

Safety: Material Safety Data Sheets

We offer MSDS information on all of the products that we sell. If you would like MSDS information to accompany your order, please request it at the time that the order is placed. We will make sure that it is included with your order. If for any reason you should need a second copy, we will be happy to fax one to you - usually the same day! Available in November 2001, you can search and download MSDS information from our redesigned and redeveloped website.

Transportation and Shipping

For your information and ease of ordering, we have included DOT hazard information on our entire line of chemicals. All products in this catalog may be shipped by commercial freight. Limitations on package size and quantity may be restricted by the carrier and hazard fees may apply. Some products (Hazard Class 6.1) can be shipped by some carriers only when contained in a special poison pack. There will be an extra charge for this service

Return Goods

No return shipments will be accepted without our prior permission and instructions being obtained. If an error is made in placing or filling your order, please advise us promptly so that we may take proper action. No return goods or claims will be allowed beyond 60 days. Orders for items not listed in this catalog or that have specifications which are not printed in this catalog are considered special/custom orders and shall be processed by GFS on take-or-pay terms. A 25% restock charge may apply to non-custom orders.

Returnable Containers

The bottles used for shipping high purity acids are returnable for credit; certain cylinders may also be returned for credit. To receive this credit, contact our Customer Service Department for an RGA number (Return Goods Authorization) and credit information. Containers returned for credit against deposit must be returned to GFS within six (6) months of invoice date.

Product Information

Chemical Abstracts Service numbers are included for most products. This number may be the one listed for the compound in the TSCA Substance Inventory for some hydrated materials. Some additional product information is available in the GFS Chemicals Publications listed inside the back cover of our print catalog.

Definitions of Purity Grades

  • Certified: Primary standard material for use in very exact analysis. Assay between 99.97% and 100.03% with our determined value on the label.
  • Primary Standard: For use as a standard in analysis. Assay value 99.9% to 100.1%, or as noted.
  • High Purity Materials: When the assay appears as a specification, it is based on a determination of the product. When the assay appears as part of the product name, it refers to a metals purity basis and does not indicate standard reference purity.
  • Reagent (ACS): Material meets specifications as given in ACS Reagent Chemicals or supplements thereto.
  • Reagent: High purity material meeting the indicated specifications. Normally, specifications are comparable to those for similar ACS materials.
  • Technical: Material satisfactory for uses where a reagent grade is not necessary.
  • Commercial: Materials being prepared in volume for general industrial use. Normally not of reagent quality.