About Us

The GFS Advantage

GFS offers a complete line of turbidity standards, turbidimeters, and analytical chemicals to service the water industry. By combining the 20 years of turbidity experience from APS Analytical Standards with GFS Chemical’s 80 years of chemical manufacturing experience, customers can  rely on GFS for the highest quality products on the market. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, you can expect your product to be consistent every time.

To improve quality and delivery time further, GFS has invested in a brand new state of the art lab complete with a sophisticated air filtration system, new tanks, new instruments and a new DI water system.

Working closely with the instrument manufacturer's GFS supports all major instrument manufacturers of benchtop , portable, on-line and in-situ turbidimeters.  Because of this relationship GFS Chemicals has the unique ability to custom design standards for individuals or companies. GFS works with the customer to quickly formulate products that solve their specific needs. The solution may be as simple as replacing existing calibration standards with more precise, easier to use standards or as complex as developing standards for a new machine. We make standards for most analyzing instruments that operate under the principles of light scatter or absorbency.

We offer standardization of process control for multiple site manufacturing. GFS creates the instrument calibration standards and the SOP for quality control.